New Sports Betting Value Chains for a Living

Virtual sports gambling alters the marketing scenery for all stake – holders in the value stream, such as  sports leagues and teams, casino operators, financial services, broadcasters, FinTech firms, and infrastructure providersNew value chains are emerging, as are new interfaces between businesses and entire industries. This will also open up new avenues for fraud, ransomware, and other types of crime hacking. Any weak point in these new value chains has an impact on everyone else.


APIs Betting and Brands

Many states, but not all, have legalized online sports betting. Different states have different rules, making administration of these sites difficult. Many states, for example, require that every customer information stay inside the agency’s limits.

The established sports, media, and gambling industries’ business models will be altered by sports gambling. This cannot be accomplished by a single organization. Each will require the data, brand power, and capabilities, of others in order to construct a complete value chain that produces processes bets, sports content,  and manages the flow of money all through the method.


Bad Actors and Bad Performances

Criminals follow the money, and there will be plenty of it in sports betting. Obtaining access to consumer data such as bank or credit card accounts could result in not only a considerable financial loss, but it may also tarnish all of the brands involved as customers lose trust. Ransomware is another major concern. Due to the numerous components of the value stream — and each element will have to function 24/7 — no single individual can afford to have its data chained away, so it will pay a ransom quietly.