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One of the notable benefits of Bitcoin casino users is the level of anonymity they have when playing. For this reason, Bitcoin transactions made and even the founder itself doesn’t know who is exchanging who.

Advantage of Playing in Bitcoin Casinos

Majority of the Bitcoin casino sites are offering free transactions along with unlimited daily transactions, which is also free. Compare this to traditional casinos, they have set a fixed fee for a range of amount to be withdrawn.

Due to the reason that online games are beyond control and purview of authorities, there are numerous online games that have been updated with tweaks in its game rules. These variations aren’t legally allowed in conventional currency-based casinos online and it’s been one of the biggest reasons for the boom of Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin Casinos are Heavily Scrutinize

Conventional casinos have a defined set of rules that its players have to follow. The payments allow operators to identify and track players, casino operators and dealers which is absent in Bitcoin casinos.

Because all Bitcoin transactions are digital, verification and auditing becomes a challenge. To give you an example, in online card game, what’s the guarantee that the cards are distributed and shuffled fairly? Furthermore, if players remain anonymous, fair business practices might raise some questions.

It’s true that Bitcoin casinos are still at its early stage but as time pass by, there will be a consensus on how it shall operate.