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Mobile phones and internet have literally changed the way various industries are doing their operations from shopping to malls, take outs to restaurants. All of this becomes possible due to the technological ttps://www.vippter.com and at the same time, ultra-fast internet connection.

No other Way but Up

The truth is, it’s very rare to see a business that has no digital footprint in the online world. Basically, the same is true for gambling industry. Mobile gaming have seen massive increase since 2012 by up to 75 percent.

Since then, its growth trajectory is only up. As a matter of fact, experts forecasted that it will keep on rising by 84 percent in the following years.

Believe it or not, the accumulated amount of bets that are being placed on smartphones reaches over a hundred billion dollars. And this figure came from 164 million people who are using their smartphone to visit mobile casinos, buy a lottery ticket or to place a bet.

Why Switch to Online Platform?

If you are a regular gambler and wondering whether you should continue doing traditional bets, you may try out online betting for a change. The security and safety is uncompromised and you are guaranteed to have a great time without leaving your home.