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No matter what you say, software will remain to be the core of any gaming or gambling business online. The same is true actually for Bitcoin casinos. Majority of the well-known Bitcoin casinos that have huge user base invested in their own gaming software and developed one of their own.

Software Importance

As for some that are starting up on the other hand, what they are using are rented or purchased version that is customizable by adding new features to their games.

Software’s job is to run the game with little human interaction. However, as for games that need human players, the software takes the role of a dealer to deal cards to players.

Because of the digital nature of online gaming and gambling sites, Bitcoin casinos face a big challenge of trying to convince players about fairness of its operations.

Attracting Customers

Many of the Bitcoin casinos are trying to build trust by disclosing the algorithm of their software. For others, it is more of a peer to peer reference that’s working or uniqueness of what they offer.

Basically, one of the sought-after Bitcoin casino games is poker. So don’t be surprise if you see a lot of this if you tried visiting a Bitcoin casino.