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Cryptocurrency might not have the fame as what they are used to be but blockchain technology is something that is worth giving a shot. For those engaged in online gambling, trust plays a critical role and punters expect that their data is secured and uncompromised.

Security and Safety

Blockchain technology is used to protect customer’s sensitive information and additionally, used in calculating odds. Many online casinos are accepting cryptocurrencies as form of payment and with such, it enables customers to stay secure and play anonymously.

In addition to that, this is the reason why withdrawals could be automatically processed with human factor being crossed out. Because of this, cryptocurrencies become an extremely popular option among gamblers online.


Online gambling wouldn’t be fun if people are alone playing. Albeit online, it is still expected to have human interaction in one way or the other. This is otherwise called as immersive experience and the demand is most probably going to grow.

For this reason alone, games that have live dealers are constantly rising and many casinos are dedicating an entire category specifically for this activity alone. Players do appreciate the chance that they can bet against the dealer as well as other players in the table instead of a robot or AI.