Latest Technology Growth Of Online Sports Gambling

Technology is what drives online sports betting. Some bookmakers that have converted to online sportsbooks are now among the world’s top gambling companies. According to Forbes, if all 50 states in the United States support legalizing sports gambling, it could generate nearly $20 billion in annual revenue, related to the rapidly expanding recreational marijuana legalization from across United States.



Groupe Limited

A leading provider of player acquisition services for such governed worldwide online gambling market recently announced that the Arizona Department of Gaming has granted it a temporary supplier license to provide marketing services to licensed operators in the state.

In preparation for release of legitimate mobile sports gambling, the Group launched, a free new website that allows Arizona residents to compare legal online sports betting facilities. Beginning Saturday, August 28th, sports betting fans can pre-register for online sportsbooks at


Inc. fuboTV

In September, just in time again for South American Qatar Tournament 2022 Qualifying matches, the top sports-first live TV streaming platform will launch its integrated predictive, free-to-play games, and FanView live stats feature. Until March 2022, CONMEBOL has exclusive streaming rights to fuboTV.

Beginning September 2, fuboTV subscribers will be able to view CONMEBOL matches, utilize FanView to observe stats and scores next to it and beneath a lowered video player, and play free forecasting gameplay – all on one screen, using their remote control, and without opening another app. Customers can toggle between free games and FanView, allowing them to tailor their live experience.