Things You Should Know About Muktu Types

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In addition to various casino information and sports match analyses, we are working on thoroughly analyzing and verifying the site based on the damage done by the users. Eat-and-Run verification tends to avoid these damages.

In recent years, several private toto sites have sprung up. Of course, some sites normally run their sites, but most of them are unscrupulously running sites with little capital.

We call these low-quality sites ‘muktu sites’.

Those of you who are watching this post may have already been beaten or are using unverified domestic editorial sites and are always betting at the risk of muktu.

Today, to prevent such damage in advance, based on the data collected from the posting of a large number of muktu sites, I would like to tell you what are the different types of muktu sites, the methods that are commonly used, and what are the ways to deal with them.

Muktu sites that require additional deposits

Sites that require additional deposits don’t cover the target, whether it’s a regular or a small batter.

If you succeed in running your site with a small amount of capital in the first place, you can always blow up your site, put on new signage, and re-run it.

How could they find out your cell phone number and send these texts?

The reason is simple. When private sites in Korea are slammed or cracked down, they will send these texts to close their existing sites and transfer existing users to the newly created site.

Creating a site with a small amount of capital can lead to a crappy and insecure site, and in the process, members’ personal information may be leaked to others.
In any case, since they create the site from scratch to do the muktu, the duration of the site operation is very short and the operation itself is very unstable.

That’s why these sites use the bait of ‘free money, butt money’ to attract as many users as possible in that short period.

Users who subscribe to these sites will not lose money if they do not make a direct deposit. Because you can bet on the free money they paid. Even if I lose, I don’t lose my money. If you ever pick, a windfall doesn’t have that kind of windfall.

Need an additional deposit?

But will those who run the site with low capital pay the winnings smoothly? It is not. If you place a bet with the free money they gave you and apply for currency exchange, you will receive a note like this 100%.

To create a ridiculous justification in this way and eventually entice users to make a deposit, which is a tactic they habitually use when they are making a fuss. If you refuse, you will unsubscribe from your id, and if you succeed in muktu this way several times, you will run it until you are caught and eventually blow up the site over and over again.

Because these sites run very shortly, they are constantly exposed to users due to poor verification.

Those of you who have some experience betting can filter out these sites from the beginning, but novice users are not easy to resist the temptation to resist, so you must make a sober and rational judgment when faced with a situation like this.


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Am I a malicious user?

Sites like #1 can be easily avoided if you have a history of betting, but if you get a crush on a site that you believed in and used on your own, you would be very heartbroken.

When I post a case of a botched up site that is registered on the banner of a large certification company or recommended by an acquaintance, I am very upset when I check the damage to users.

No matter how proven the site, the domestic private site has limited capital power, so users who apply for currency exchange in time for a high-value batter or a high-dividend match are bound to be a heavy burden on them. That’s why I am forced to use a muktu.

When a site name goes up to an influential verifier, it can be a huge headache for them. We gather members because the reputation of our site is an absolute rating factor.

That’s why they use even more vicious methods when it comes to muktu. They immediately blame the innocent user for forfeiting the winnings by negatively making a bet, and then threaten to post personal information on blacklisted sites.

When that happens, the user will naturally become a user and either succumb to it or report the site at their own risk.

Two-way drip

There are also uglier tricks. You say that the match that has already ended was an unusual one, and you do the hit special case. Of course, there are times when it’s a real two-way game, but they try to beat the two-way drip and try to flop it without even trying.

They even create rules that didn’t exist, and they eat up the user’s winnings. Satan is not separate.

Since this happens on sites that are trusted and used for a long time in the first place, there is virtually no specific way to prevent this, but there is one fundamental solution.

So what is the underlying solution?

To put it bluntly, let’s use a site that has enough capital so you don’t have to floppy. This includes overseas betting sites, i.e., sites that are licensed and operated legally.

Is it necessary to take a huge risk to operate with qualifications within the confines of the law? Therefore, the rules for the use of the site are also systematically in place.

While private sites in Korea are in a hurry to gather users, they don’t make the rules right and run them unduly, while these overseas betting sites have created various regulations to prevent that from happening in the first place, so that they can operate their sites safely. Of course, because it is an overseas site that operates such a strict site, it is inaccessible and the method of signing up is not easy, but it is the method that we recommend the most for the safety of users.