The Brand-New Technology That Underpins Slots

The very first online casino opened its digital doors in 1996. The casino was an immediate success. It took another 10 years before a casino was launched that focused on Dutch players. Nowadays, casinos are indispensable, because online gambling has become a lot more interesting. The technology kept getting better and the game providers made grateful use of it. The games are more realistic than ever before and you can even gamble on your smartphone and tablet. The best-known slot machines that used to be in bars and arcades can now be opened on the computer with one mouse click. Technological improvements follow each other in rapid succession. We tell you more about the most interesting drivers behind the growth of online slots.

Online Casino

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The word Virtual Reality (VR) originated in 1989, while the first VR projects had already been launched eight years earlier. It took decades for the concept to begin to gain prominence. The game industry has focused heavily on Virtual Reality in recent years. Several well-known brands launched VR glasses, including Playstation. The game providers of casino games such as slot Malaysia could not be left behind. There are now even online casinos that offer a full VR experience. You can take a walk through the virtual casino and take a seat at a gaming table or slot machine. However, the technology will only really come into its own in the online casino in the coming years. The game provider NetEnt already released two VR slots, namely the Gonzo’s Quest VR and the Jack and the Beanstalk VR.

Augmented Reality aims to add certain elements to reality. The technology has been around for quite some time, it just took a while before it actually became known. The mobile game Pokémon Go turned out to be the turning point. The players had the chance to catch a Pokémon via the smartphone screen. The environment remained the same, only the Pokémon was added. The interesting concept will also be introduced in the online casino in the coming years. You have to think of 3D gaming tables and even more realistic slot machines. It will soon seem as if the slot machine is just in your living room.

Mobile gaming

The Netherlands has approximately 16.5 million smartphone users, in other words, almost everyone has a mobile phone. The casinos soon noticed the success of the smartphone. It turned out to be one of the greatest technological developments of all time. A mobile phone was no longer just for calling and texting. Mobile internet turned out to be an even greater success. You can control and do almost everything on the smartphone, including online gambling. The game providers optimized all games for mobile, so you can also play a slot machine on the go. The impact was huge, as more than half of all casino players gamble on their mobile phones.

The future of online slots

The future of the online slot machine is bright. The corona crisis already ensured that most players decided to play via the internet. The innovations that await us make playing online even more interesting. The 5G network is even faster and will improve the gaming experience. In addition, we will soon also be able to enjoy casino games in VR or AR. The fact that you can play from home in a real-life environment is a huge improvement and will appeal to more players. These are the innovations that await us in the near future, let alone what the casinos can offer us in ten years or so.