Positive Impact of AI’s Inception in Online Casino

Barely few people might notice it but online slots such as spookslot.com and other casino sites in general are using AI or Artificial Intelligence. The application of AI runs pretty broad as it can be used in overseeing the player’s activities and the likes. On the other hand, numerous companies are figuring out how can AI be used in other areas and to what extent.

In fact, for the past two decades, chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov have lost to an IBM computer. In 6 games, Kasparov lost to the computer by 2.5 to 3.5. This pave way for artificial intelligence to slowly have a critical role in the society. AI has even revolutionized the gambling industry, both online and offline.

The Jump in AI Technology for Online Casino

Believe it or not, in January of 2017, Libratus, a program that’s based on AI beaten few of the top poker players in a Heads-Up No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker.

The AI’s opponents were the names like of Dong Kim, Daniel MacAulay, Jimmy Chou and Jason Les. On a warmup game of 120,000 hands, the program was able to have a 14.7 big blind/100 hands win rate. In real world scenario, it translates to high win rate. But that is just the surface of the impact of AI in gambling.

Better Sales

A very basic point performed by virtually any casinos, whether online or offline is studying and analyzing the player’s behavioral pattern. By using loyalty programs and club cards coupled with complex database system, casinos were able to uncover why some customers prefer playing specific games, moving to other games or even why they just stop playing.

With this data presented to them, the casino is able to infer which game elements boosts popularity or on how to arrange tables in the floor that will eventually influence a player’s decision. Providers are collecting and analyzing data in order to keep players in the long run and of course, to maximize their ROI. For customers on the other hand, they can use the information and benefit more by having a more immersive experience.

Improved Customer Service

AIs have impact as well in regards to customer service. In comparison to impersonal bots that are mostly used for support teams, an AI concierge delivers a human-like response among customers. This establishes an even more professional impression to players and rely that their concerns will be handled exceptionally.