How we changed playing the Game: Gambling Online

Whether “Golden Palace”, “Grand Mondial” or “Royal Vegas”: The names of many online casinos already suggest an exclusive gaming ambience. The fact that virtual casinos usually have nothing to do with real casinos and game libraries and that their entire gaming environment is only simulated by software, one forgets pretty quickly when looking at the magnificently designed pages.



The only thing that is not simulated in an online casino is the amounts of money. And these can be set very easily at any time of the day or night with just a few clicks of the mouse and a tap on the mobile with kiss918.


Lose money unnoticed


This has a high potential for addiction, because for many players it is very attractive to put a few euros into the virtual machine “just quickly”. Since cash is not played directly, but all transactions take place electronically, you often lose track of how much money has actually been used.


Fast rounds suggest many chances of winning


The risk of addiction to casino games is also due to the fact that the payouts follow one another very quickly and thus hope, joy and disappointment alternate every second. This rollercoaster of emotions leads to the fact that many players become more and more fixated on the game.


Affirmed by initial successes, and in order to increase the thrill, it is increasingly risky. And when a lot of money has already been gambled away, many players start chasing after their losses by stakes ever higher.


Anonymous and left to your own devices


Since gambling on the Internet is usually anonymous, nobody notices how high a person’s losses have been so far. While the players in casinos may orientate themselves to the other people present or even be addressed by the staff, in internet casinos they are completely left to themselves.


Online casinos: high risk of addiction!


Anyone who has ever been to the website of an online sports betting provider knows the multitude of possible uses there. There is something for every taste. Betting providers offer an enormous variety to earn money with your own favorite sport.


Anytime and supposedly quick money


In this way, large amounts of money can be placed on the relevant websites at any time of the day or night with just a few clicks. Spontaneous and thoughtless bets are easily possible, which can lead to uncontrolled (and therefore problematic) betting behavior.


Spontaneous decisions with an extra portion of addiction risk


Live bets are particularly critical. Because their great incentive (and their great risk) is to win even more money during a sporting event through spontaneous bets, such as the next yellow card – or to compensate for previous losses. However, since such decisions are rarely thought through, losses are inevitable.