How Important is RNG in an Online Casino?

If you are a regular player of an online casino such as in, then you probably have heard of the term RNG. But did you exactly have any idea of what is this about? Simply put, RNG means Random Number Generator. What it does is, it is generating random sequence of numbers or characters.

How RNG Works?

In both video as well as casino games, RNGs are pseudo-number generators because there ought to be a seed value or in layman’s terms, a starting point in which a random number has to be created. There are plenty of casino games online that are using current time in milliseconds as the starting point.

To give you an example, RNG may be programmed to produce a result between one and a trillion and it could take place hundreds of times per second. This is even if the player isn’t playing the game. As soon as you hit that spin button, it automatically instructs the game to show the latest set of numbers that are generated. In slots, it is then converted either to a symbol or to a string of events shown on screen.

RNG and Online Casino Games

Slot machines in land-based casinos are delivering random results on a basic level with cogs fall in unpredictable spots to spin reels in a certain way. From the time it was introduced, things become a lot more complex.

The algorithm used in RNG for online casinos similar to slots, blackjack, roulette and video poker are operating on a non-cyclic basis. In essence, each and every outcome is completely random and is following no cycle or pattern.

Fair Gaming

With this mechanic in place, online casino operators can guarantee that the results are similar to their land-based counterparts. Transparency and fairness in gameplay are extremely important when it comes to online casinos and with RNG, they are able to make it happen.

Independent regulators are testing RNG software of online casinos on regular intervals. This is done before they grant them a license to operate. International testing agencies are evaluating the RNGs of these casinos to guarantee fair gameplay. This is the same reason why you may sometimes notice TST, Verisign or eCOGRA certificates at the best and leading online casinos.

The Concept of RNG

To make it simpler to understand, RNG is crucial to an online casino’s fairness. The random results are giving everyone an equal chance of winning and hitting the jackpot.