Virtual Reality or VR moved bounds and leaps for the past several years and what we might be seeing and enjoying from it today might just be something primitive technology in the distant future. This technology on the other hand has reached online casinos as well and offering VR experience to clients.

With VR technology, users are able to be in a 3D casino space, look around and take part in their choice of game.

A 3D Virtual Tour of the Casino is now Possible

We may expect to see countless casino resorts that are promoting VR among their clients. Through this, user’s experience is not restricted to gambling, with other forms of entertainments such as concert is also a possibility.

Also, it is anticipated that players can interact with other players in form of avatar and it is like they are in live-casinos. No one knows what the future holds but it may be that VR can set the standard of online gambling.

Crypto in Casino?


Another evolution in the online gambling world is the use of blockchain technology. This is more common among casinos that are accepting players who play and pay with their cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.